Business address


Mobile coworking

for nomadic entrepreneurs

Grande salle Soft-Space

Meeting-52 Shared office space, access to the wellness and meeting rooms (up to 2 hours/day).
Coins-48 CHF 200.- per month 
or access card with 15 passes valid for 6 months. You can also come for CHF 40.- / day


a space and support to boost your project

Meeting-52 Need help in developing your project ? This package is for you! :
  • Mobile coworking pass (worth CHF 200.-)
  • Personalized coaching (2 hrs/month worth CHF 160.-)
Coins-48 CHF 300.- per month 

Rent an office

for a small enterprise or association

Bureau privatif Soft-Space

Meeting-52 Private space, up to 4 people

Coins-48 From CHF 800.- per month 

Single private office space with storage area for

Coins-48 CHF 400.- per month 

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