Rent a space

Rent a space

Soft-Space has various spaces for rent. Whether you are organizing a training session, a workshop or a birthday, we can accommodate different needs, during weekdays, evenings and weekends. Feel free to contact us for special requests!

Street Room

Up to 25 people

Room for larger events. Various configurations available on demand.

Coins-48 350.- CHF per day, 200.- per half-day


Cloud Room

Up to 8 people

Ideal for conferences or training sessions.
Coins-48 250.- per day, 40.- per hour

Zen Room

Up to 4 people

Ideal for coaching.
Coins-48 120.- CHF per day, 25.- per hour Book


Calm & inspiration

An unique space 17 min. away from downtown. Ideal for “offsite” events and brainstorming sessions.
Coins-48 Price on request